Why Holistic Perspective?

At Holistic Perspective we have a firm knowledge that Wellness depends on your Body, Mind and Soul being in harmony. Thus, if health is absent in one Part, it will, without doubt, manifest symptoms in the other parts.

Therefore at Holistic Perspective we treat you as a Whole, as opposed to addressing just a Part of you.

Furthermore, we aim to stimulate the body to a state of self-healing and balance. Safely, with no toxic accumulations or harmful effects, safe for all ages.

Holistic Perspective
Lotus Flower - Holistic Perspective
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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in our Holistic approach to Wellness.  Our philosophy is that Wellness can only be achieved through treating the root-cause of a health imbalance, not the symptom.  We also believe that a Whole approach must be applied to assist in naturally resolving the manifesting symptom faced.

A symptom is your body’s way of telling you that there is a disruption in that organ/system. Therefore Suppressing the symptom with conventional drug therapy does nothing to address the imbalance.  Instead it just creates more imbalances with all its side-effects.  In order to resolve the symptom, you need to encourage the body to self-heal the imbalance causing the disruption.

Holistic Perspective aims to stimulate the body to a state of self-healing.  We achieve this through addressing the external physical, mental or spiritual factors which caused the disruptions in the first place.  Our approach and formulas provide a safe, effective and natural way of addressing the conditions of dis-ease.

We want to help your body, mind and emotion return to a state of balance, harmony and vibrant health in a powerful, extremely effective yet gentle and non-toxic way.

Lotus Flower - Holistic Perspective

Our Professional Services

Holistic Health Support

Firstly we treat at you as a Whole by taking a detailed account of your mental, emotional and physical history. We do this in order to understand the root-cause of the symptoms that you have come seeking help for.  Thereafter we assess the state of imbalances in your body through a specialized Meridian Stress Assessment device. Once we have this information, we are able to encourage the body towards self-healing through our extremely effective tailor-made Frequency Formulas.

  • Early detection of tendencies toward disease, toxicity, and imbalances before they become outwardly manifested
  • Provide corrective measures to address these imbalances
  • Help you identify emotional blocks contributing towards the physical symptoms

Health Support

Consultation Information

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Holistic Perspective

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Embracing a Holistic Lifestyle can have far reaching impact on your life. Small changes in the way you eat, the way you do things and the way you treat your body will have huge impact on how you feel. Moreover we work side-by-side with your current medical advisor and gently lead you to a more natural way of living and a better state of health and well-being. As a result you are generally able to reduce or even eliminate the need for conventional drug therapy.

Body: We address your eating, understand your medications, supplements and go-to behaviours in times of illness and general lifestyle.

Mind: Get equipped with the knowledge you need. We help you to identify and correct the limiting thought patterns and behaviours which impact your health and well-being.

Soul: Your spiritual or religious perspective, what ever it is, is essential to your well-being.  We therefore help you incorporate this vital component into your life.

Holistic Perspective

Life Upgrade

Expert Coaching & Therapy with an international Hypno-coach. We help you access your deep subconscious-self to move you forward from whatever emotional difficulty you are facing.


  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Divorce Therapy
  • Grief and Trauma Thrapy
  • Weight loss and Eating Disorders
  • Sports Performance Improvement
  • Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Workshops

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