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About Lilith Walliser

"Treat the cause, not the symptom"

Lilith Walliser - Holistic Perspective

Lilith Walliser is a locally and Internationally certified Holistic Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.  Having studied Holistic Health and understanding that physical and mental wellness are intricately linked, she is a firm believer in the Body-Mind connection.  This is why she founded Holistic Perspective – to support her Whole-approach to healing.  

Mentoring and touching lives since 2009, Lilith’s experience encompasses a variety of freelance, online and in-person services.

She currently provides Holistic Wellness Services locally and internationally, sending her formulas overseas. In addition, she also provides online and in-person local and international Coaching through various platforms, as well as private freelance services.

Lilith specialises in Wellness. Health is merely a state of being, a part of the Whole. Wellness is the Whole-Approach, encompassing so much more:- your mental, physical and spiritual health, your way of living, your wellbeing, and having tools at your disposal to live a healthy lifestyle. This is a true Holistic Perspective.

“Helping and healing are a life-long passion of mine while the mechanics of the body, and of the mind are always a source of wonder to me.  The result is an ever-present drive to acquire knowledge and share it in order to help others. Not only is the Holistic Perspective approach my occupation, it is also part of my personal belief system.  It is the way I live my life, and encompasses all I believe in and act on. “ ~ Lilith Walliser

"The Part can never be well unless the Whole is well." ~Plato

"Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one's soul remains unawakened"
- Anatole France

Lilith is a bit of an animal fanatic and spent many years rehabilitating abused animals. As a result, her home is never without a rescue creature in it and she passionately supports animal welfare. Her current creature-family consists of 2 dogs, 2 birds and 4 snakes.

“Holistic Wellness is not just reserved for humans, animals benefit from the holistic approach too.”

Lilith Walliser - Holistic Perspective

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
It comes from the love in my dog's eyes"
- Unknown

Where it all began

Lilith’s own 12-year journey through unsuccessful conventional medicine treatment for a heart condition, is what led her to seek a more holistic approach. She never imagined that it would shape her way of living.  “Initially I tried homeopathy, with a small degree of success. Thereafter I was referred by a friend to a Holistic Practitioner who specialized in Frequency Medicine.  My friend described Frequency Medicine as ‘homeopathy on steroids’.  I never dreamed that it would be so effective! Surprisingly, within a couple of weeks, I started seeing a marked improvement in my symptoms. Within a year I was able to stop all but one of my heart medications.”

Hungry for more knowledge, Lilith then began studying the subject and apprenticed to her Holistic Practitioner.  Unsatisfied with only dealing with the Body, she set out to study the Mind. This subsequently enables her to combine both modalities to offer a powerful Holistic approach to Wellness.

Here to Help You

As a result of Holistic Health being Lilith’s way of life, her personal life inspires so many of the treatments and approaches used in her practice.

For instance, Lilith created the Bites and Stings Frequency Formula because of her own severe allergy to bee stings.

Fight Bite is the result of her precious Springer Spaniel being attacked by 2 big dogs. This ultimately inspired the Pet Perspective Range

Similarly her friend ripping his finger open on barbed wire resulted in the Injury Formula being created in response  (you can see the before and after pics here) 

A Hypno-coaching client suffering from severe panic attacks inspired the creation of the Panic & Anxiety Formula. Consequently the formula helped manage the anxiety and panic attacks while her client learned effective Stress & Anxiety Management skills.  

Immune Booster is one of Lilith’s favourite Formulas.  Specifically created to keep her children and loved ones resilient against infection, this formula is the standard go-to in their house.  Needless to say this formula generally stops whatever contagious bugs are lurking, in their tracks. 

“I am so grateful that my loved ones, human and animal alike, can benefit from my years of practise, experience and passion. I am delighted to share it with you in the form of ready-made products. Additionally, I offer personal consultations help the more complex, serious or chronic conditions.”
~ Lilith Walliser

Holistically yours,
Lilith-Marie Walliser