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Holistic Perspective is not a medical or homeopathic practice.  It therefore does not provide a medical diagnosis. So if you feel you need a medical diagnosis please consult with your medical doctor. Holistic Perspective offer an alternative complementary service to use together with your current medical program. We thus prefer to work alongside your medical doctor.

Please do not treat serious injury or illness without expert advice.   The Holistic Frequency Formulas or Herbal Supplements are not a replacement for a consultation with your trusted doctor.

The law requires we state the following: The Frequency Formulas or Herbal Tinctures and Capsules are not medicines. The MCC or SAHPRA have not evaluated them.  They are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. 😊

Holistic Perspective is not responsible for the frequency formulas or herbal tinctures and capsules after they leave the premises. Please understand the importance of taking them according to the directions provided.