Its All About Frequencies

Our body is made of cells.  These cells are made of atoms which all vibrate at specific frequencies. Things which are solid, such as rock, vibrate at a lower frequency than things which have no form, such as light, which vibrates at a very high frequency.  Emotions also have specific frequencies.  For instance depression has a much lower frequency than love. This is why we speak about feeling low when feeling depressed or being on a total high when feeling excited. Even our thoughts emit a frequency, matched by the emotions created by that thought.  Your brain cells also fire off at different frequencies.  As a result this frequency rate affects your level of concentration and alertness. We also constantly emit a frequency field around us.  This is why you can ‘feel’ a person’s ‘vibe’ and sense when the vibes change. The correct equipment can measure all these frequencies.

The cells which make up your body specialise to form various parts such as tissue, organs, bones, fluids etc.  These Parts make up the Whole you when added all together.  Each Part has its own particular frequency of vibration.   Just like each part of the body has its own frequency, everything in the world has its own unique frequency too: each type of flower, mineral, chemical, animal, virus, bacteria and parasite.

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Health is harmonized frequency

In a perfect world, our body’s different frequencies would blend into a balanced and harmonized system, like a beautiful melody.  However, we live with external factors such as stress, bad diets, emotional upset, injury and negative thinking.  These factors cause a disruption of that perfect balance in our body.  This imbalance results in a general lack of well-being and in symptoms of dis-ease.   If you do not address the cause then these symptoms start out as acute and can eventually become chronic.

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Symptoms vs Root Cause

Imagine your health to be like a perfect whole piece of skin. The external factors which cause a disruption in that perfect balance of frequencies are like a punch which punches out big holes in the skin.

 The holes are an absence of skin, just like disease is an absence of health.

Just as you cannot remove the holes the skin, you cannot remove a disease or illness.  In order to heal the skin you need to stimulate the skin to heal and fill in the holes. In order to heal a disease you need to stimulate the body to produce more health.

A symptom is your body’s way of telling you that there is an energetic disruption in an organ/system, that there is some health missing. Suppressing the symptom with conventional drug therapy does nothing to address the imbalance.  Instead it creates more imbalances with all its side-effects.  Treating a symptom is like trying to remove a hole. 

At Holistic Perspective we treat the root cause of illness, which is the disruption of harmonized frequencies.  We do not attempt to treat the symptom.  Our aim is to stimulate the body to simply produce More Health.  We achieve this through the use of Frequency Formulas together with tools and techniques aimed at helping you control the external physical, mental or spiritual factors which caused the disruptions in the first place.

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How we use modern technology to create Frequency Formulas

Western Medicine currently uses vibrational or frequency healing in accepted fields. For example: a specific frequency of infrared light speeds up the healing of flesh wounds. Radiation therapy in the treatment of certain cancers is another example. We also know that electrical interference such as the radiation emitted from cell phones, microwaves or high-voltage power lines is harmful to our health. Electromagnetic energy affects every living system.

With the advances of modern technology, we can record the frequencies of thousands and thousands of substances from plants and minerals through to gases, metals, colours and sounds. These specific recorded frequencies can encourage the healing mechanisms of the body.

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At Holistic Perspective we use Frequency Medicine to stimulate the body to a state of self-healing​

Some Holistic Health Practitioners train to use specialised devices which can produce electro-magnetic charges of these recorded frequencies.  These devices electromagnetically charge a water-based solution with a formula of carefully selected frequencies. We call this solution a Frequency Formula or Frequency Medicine.

At Holistic Perspective we create these Frequency Medicines.  We carefully select a formula of specific frequencies designed to help stimulate your body to correct its specific imbalances.  These Frequency Formulas deliver the healing frequencies into the body via the mouth or through the skin.  

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Frequency Remedies can be tailor made to suit your unique needs

The body has various networks, like the circulation network, nerve network or lymph network.  It also has an energetic network called the Meridian Pathways. These pathways are traditionally used for Acupuncture and Acupressure.

The sophisticated devices mentioned above can also of measure the individual vibrations of organs and energies in a body through these pathways.  This is Meridian Impedance Analysis. After identifying the disrupted frequencies, it can then electromagnetically charge a Frequency Remedy with the selected corrective frequencies.  You then take the prepared Frequency Remedy to balance the disrupted energies in your body. This stimulates your body to self-heal.

Your body’s healing systems respond naturally without the side-effects associated with the use of conventional drug therapy.  Above all, there are no toxic accumulations, no harmful effects – making it safe for animals, infants, children, adults and the elderly alike. Our Frequency Solutions help to stimulate the body, mind and emotion to return to a state of balance, harmony and vibrant health in a powerful, extremely effective yet gentle non-toxic way.

Lotus Flower - Holistic Perspective


Frequency Formulas are NOT homeopathic Remedies.  Homeopathic Remedies are made from an original natural physical substance which is then soaked in an alcohol-water solution for a period, creating a tincture.  The physical substance is then filtered out of the tincture, and the tincture is then repeatedly sequentially diluted until all trace of the original substance is diluted out.

Our Frequency Remedies are purely electro-magnetic and not made from original physical substances as homeopathic remedies are. Holistic Perspective is NOT a homeopathic practice, it is a Holistic Wellness Practice.                       

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