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Animals benefit from Holistic Perspective too!

Holistic Perspective

Animals benefit from a Holistic approach too. They also suffer from the side effects of repeated vaccinations, tick and flea poisons, chronic illnesses and acute dis-ease. This is why Holistic Perspective is dedicated to empowering you, guardian of your beloved companion, to be able to make Holistic choices for your fur-baby.

Phoebe - Holistic Perspective
Guy - Holistic Perspective

How we support your pet

We offer ready-made over-the-counter frequency formulas for your pet. In addition we also do online consultations. Online consultations enable us to tailor-make the frequency formulas to suit your pet’s specific needs. We can also help with horses and farm animals.

Pets and Vets

For the more serious conditions we work alongside your vet and the chemical drug therapy they prescribe.   With this in mind we provide Holistic support to help encourage your pet’s body back to a state of self-healing.  While drug therapy is a life-saver at times, it also comes with side effects. Subsequently, if your vet considers it essential to medicate, we can support your pet with Holistic options to speed up the healing and reduce the need and duration for chemical support.  Furthermore, we encourage you to continue to monitor progress with your vet by continuing with health check-ups, blood tests, and X-rays as needed.  If your vet is comfortable with you trying a Holistic option for a while first, please always consider it. 

Lloyd - Holistic Perspective
Holistic Perspective
Lilith Walliser and Dugil - Holistic Perspective
Holistic Perspective
Holistic Perspective


If you are registered animal shelter and require a Holistic Health Support on a large scale, please contact us. We will happily provide your shelter with Frequency Formulas at no cost.  However, if your Shelter is unable to collect, we ask that you cover the shipping costs. This is Holistic Perspective’s way of giving back, promoting a social consciousness and supporting the difficult work that you do. Irrespective of if you need ready-made formulas for conditions commonly struggled with or have a fur-baby in dire need of specialised assistance, we can help.

Holistic Perspective

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals” ~ Emmanual Kant