Adrenal Fatigue


If you have been suffering from long term stress, or been on cortisone or steroid treatment, then your adrenal glands definitely need support. Feeling dog tired, wrung out, like you have burnt your candle at both ends, exhausted and finding everything a struggle, or if you have been experiencing prolonged chronic stress and finding yourself susceptible to every germ that comes along then Adrenal Fatigue is ideal for you.

Adrenal fatigue results in waking up tired, suffering from intermittent crashes during the day and then having increased energy for a while in the evening. Craving sweet or salty food, moodiness and a foggy brain are also symptoms that require adrenal support.

A Herbal Supplement
supporting the body’s own ability to heal

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A Herbal Tincture supporting the body’s own ability to strengthen & tone Adrenal glands, Pancreas, Lymph, Thyroid

For symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue, Exhaustion, Stress, Lethargy, Apathy, Weakened Immune System.

50ml Tincture Contains: Alfalfa, Borage, Ginger, Ginkgo Billoba, Ginseng, Liquorice root, Lobelia, Red Clover, Other African Herbs, Alcohol

Not suitable for pregnant women or anyone on blood thinning medication

Can be used in conjunction with Chronic Stress and Mood Support Frequency Formulas. 

You are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue as a result of prolonged stress.  Prolonged stress results in an acidic body which can cause a whole array of other dis-ease and inflammation and can leave you feeling depressed.  Look at using PH BALANCE to help reduce the acidity in your body and be sure to follow a healthy alkalising nutritional programmeBe kind to your body, feed it well, rest, and manage your stress through Meditation and gentle exercise.  Mental Stress management is not optional – its a MUST.  Contact us and enquire about our Stress Management Coaching and Workshops

Store under 25 °C away from sunlight

Please see a trusted healthcare practitioner for advice on health problems. Serious injury or illness should not be treated without expert advice. Please take your Herbal Supplement according to the label instructions.  This product has not been evaluated by the MCC.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

at least 3 months after opening. Exact expiry date on the label.

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