Heat Stroke


Overheating is an emergency situation. Heat Stroke Formula will assist your pet with recovery while your rush your fur-baby to the vet. Heat Stroke Formula can also be used to assist your fur-baby in managing the heat on very hot days.

A Frequency Formula
supporting the body’s own ability to heal

An electro-magnetic Frequency Formula designed to assist the body with Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

For symptoms of fast pulse, hot dry skin, convulsions, confusion, fainting, cramping, nausea, weakness, dizziness associated with heat stroke & heat exhaustion.

Overheating is an emergency situation.  It is essential to ensure rapid cooling to avoid damage. Keep your pets cool, provide shade, plenty of water, keep their tummies damp with wet cloths (wipe them over regularly), don’t exercise them in peak heat (especially flat-faced breeds like pugs and bulldogs), and don’t make them walk on hot roads. Animals in enclosed areas (barns or cars) on hot day are very susceptible to Heat Exhaustion, even if its overcast. Never leave your pet in the car. If your pet shows any of the below symptoms take them to the vet ASAP as it could be life threatening.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

  • Rapid panting
  • Bright red tongue
  • Red or pale gums
  • Thick, sticky saliva
  • Depression
  • Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting – sometimes with blood
  • Diarrhea
  • Shock
  • Coma

First Aid for Heat Stroke

  1. Give the fur-baby the Heat Stroke Formula, repeating doses frequently
  2. Run tapwater over their entire body for 10 minutes.  Do NOT use ice water or extremely cold water.
  3. When the fur-baby has calmed down, make a water solution with Bicarbonate of Soda or pink himalayan salt (do not use white table salt), or add rehydration/electrolyte solution from the pharmacy to the water and orally syringe it for the rest of the day. Coconut water is also a good alternative.
  4. If no running water is available or if symptoms are very severe, take the fur-baby straight to the vet, repeating the Heat Stroke formula doses en route.

50ml Contains: Purified Water, 10% Alcohol and a carefully selected Formula of Electro-vibrational Frequencies. Safe for all ages and species

Store under 25 °C away from sunlight and electrical devices

Please see a trusted veterinarian for advice on health problems. Serious injury or illness should not be treated without expert advice. Please be sure to read How to give a Frequency Formula to your pet carefully and take your Formula according to the label instructions.  This product has not been evaluated by the MCC.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.  This is a Frequency Formula and NOT a homeopathic remedy.

3 months after opening

Weight 0.117 g
Please select Alcohol Content

Alcohol-Free, Standard 10%


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