High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is puts your heart under stress and makes it work overtime.  High Blood Pressure will assist your body to naturally lower your blood vessel, as well as support your heart and blood vessels and improve circulation.

A Herbal Tincture
supporting the body’s own ability to heal

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A Herbal Tincture supporting the body’s own ability to heal


Assists the body to naturally lower high blood  pressure.  Supports blood vessels and hearts.

50ml Tincture Contains: Alcohol, Alfalfa, Bearberry, Bedstraw, Billberry, Bladderwrack, Hawthorn, Mistletoe, Veronica Speedwell, Buckwheat, Dandelion, Dong Quai, Ginkgo Billoba, Milkthistle, Sassafras, Vit B6, B12, D3, C, E, Zinc.

High Bloodpressure is often a result of chronic stress and and imbalanced lifestyle.  Stress Management is essential for anyone on high blood pressure. Come in and talk to us about Stress Management and Lifestyle Coaching so that you can control your health, naturally.

Not suitable for pregnant women or anyone on blood thinning medication

Store under 25 °C away from sunlight

Please see a trusted healthcare practitioner for advice on health problems. Serious injury or illness should not be treated without expert advice. Please take your Herbal Supplement according to the label instructions.  This product has not been evaluated by the MCC.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

at least 6 months after opening. Exact expiry date on the label.

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