Insect Bite & Stings


Another must-have in your First Aid kit!

This is a bottle you should always have handy to deal with those pesky situations where you get bitten or stung, to help with those unpleasant allergy related symptoms.

A Frequency Formula
supporting the body’s own ability to heal


An electro-magnetic Frequency Formula designed to assist the body manage the allergic response to venom from insect bites and stings.


For symptoms of acute allergy, pain, redness and swelling from bee, wasp, mosquito, spider, tick, flea & other insect bites and stings

Always most effective if used immediately after being bitten or stung, Insect Bites and Stings can still be used “after the fact” – for example the morning after being snacked on by mosquitoes. Use in conjunction withPanic & Anxiety if it was a frightening event.

50ml Contains: Purified Water, 10% Alcohol and a carefully selected Formula of Electro-vibrational Frequencies. Safe for all ages and for use during pregnancy. Alcohol-Free Formulas Available. 

Store under 25 °C away from sunlight and electrical devices

Please see a trusted healthcare practitioner for advice on health problems. Serious injury or illness should not be treated without expert advice. Please be sure to read How to take your Frequency Formula carefully and take your Formula according to the label instructions.

This product has not been evaluated by the MCC.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.
This is a Frequency Formula and NOT a homeopathic remedy.

3 months after opening

Weight 0.117 g
Please select Alcohol Content

Alcohol-Free, Standard 10%


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